surgery-roomLooking for veterinary services in Manson?

Our new surgical and medical facility features state-of-the-art equipment: digital x-ray, blood, chemistry equipment and ultrasonic dental care instrumentation. We are able to conduct thorough evaluations of heart, lung, and skeletal multiple body system… and if need be, seek specialist consultation in minutes with electronic transmission. Incorporating the newest technology has greatly improved our diagnostic services during pet evaluations.

Lakeland Veterinary Clinic provides a full range of services:

Pet Wellness Care · Diagnostic Services · Equine Vet Care · Pet Dental Care
Pet Surgery · Grooming Services · Emergency Care · End of Life Care

To schedule an appointment time for your pet, please phone us at 509-687-1021.

Prior to your first appointment with us, consider downloading our Client and Pet Information document to save some time when you arrive.

exam-roomA good Dental Cleaning can really improve your pet’s health – just think how bad you hurt when something is wrong in your teeth. We have recently updated our Dental Scaler and we are so excited about the results we’re seeing!

Good dental hygiene can increase vitality, wellbeing and extend the life of your pet. Regular dental check-ups and cleanings help promote a healthy life for your pet.